6 thoughts on “HAPPY HOLIDAYS

  1. I read your blog and I love it, love it, love it, too bad a lot ofpeople do not follow these rules or take this seriously. This year there is no money in the budget for Christmas Shopping but that’s OK with me. As always good advise. Next year I will definetly follow the six rules.I love the idea of the Christmas account and dividing the amount you want to spend by the number of pay periods.
    You are truly an inspiration.
    Keep up the good work.

  2. Thank you so much for this post – it’s very timely and with some wonderful suggestions! I especially loved the idea of having a party for those you would normally buy gifts for (as your friend did). It’s a great way to celebrate the holidays and spend time together without the focus being solely on gift-giving! Thank you for this early holiday gift! Take care. xo

    1. Hi Kathleen, When my friend did this for the first time I must have received 10 calls from mutual friends all against it, but a few days after the dinner eveyone who called about it before called to say what a great time they had and they felt so free that they do not have to wonder what to give each other for a holiday gift. I am glad you believe it is a great way to celebrate and be with the people you cherish. Happy Holidays.

  3. Tessa-Marie I promote you with the New Title of “Financial Evangelist!” You seem to be Evangelizing the peoples through your down-right common sense approach. For this is the mark of a True Evangelist. For the rest of the ones reading this message, let me tell you that presenting the TRUTH is a tough thing to do these days.
    Everyone desires to be “Politically Correct” (a very New Term), often misusing the term, and wants to decorate the “TRUTH” with fancy “Icing”. By doing this, the TRUTH is really watered down and we don’t get what’s under the Icing.
    I can never go wrong if I follow the principles that she has laid down for the Christmas Season.
    Thanks Tessa-Marie for NOT decorating the TRUTH with any sort of “Icing.”
    I am Evangelized!!

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