What’s been going on?

I am now able to answer the above question.

I am writing this note to let you know I have been away from my blog site due to the illness of my husband.  The journey started in September 2013 and ended with his death in June of 2014.

My husband was the wind beneath my wings. He was a great supporter of all my activities, from gardening insatiably, reading and forgetting to prepare dinner. He was always there when I dropped the ball. He kept me sane, when I took on too much. Like helping me with my canning of fruits and vegetables for an entire weekend.

He listened, while I spoke incessantly and never interrupted me. Through those years, not at any one time did he ask me to change my thoughts or behavior. He most certainly gave me room to grow and I always knew he was the perfect husband for me.

We shared lots of wonderful time with family and friends. We both enjoyed travelling and travelled all over Canada and the world.

He was very supportive and nurturing father.

I miss him very much.

I miss his sense of humor. I miss him. When I come home from a long walk and he is not there to greet me. I miss him when I am backing into the garage and there is no one to bang on the car to prevent me from hitting the recycling bin.   I miss him when I suddenly begin dancing in the kitchen with no music. No one is there smiling at me.  I miss him. He knew when I was tired, before I felt it. His cure for everything that ails you is snoozing for a few minutes; he would constantly send me off to snooze. That too I miss.

There are so many occasions to miss him, but he told me all I need to do is to put one foot before the other and keep going.

So here I am, I am ready to begin this new journey without the love and support of this amazing person.

I will start by sharing my blog site with some of the people I have helped manage their finances. Several have expressed a wish to share with others what they had to do to reach their goal of financial freedom.

They are not professional bloggers. They are going to speak from their hearts. I hope you will be able to get the message and forgive the grammar.

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