The Reason I Choose To Blog Publicly

I have been blogging for over five years. During those five years, I have helped many people get out of debt; purchase homes they can afford and develop better saving habits.

The reason I choose to blog publicly because I have knowledge as a Financial Planner that I wanted to share with others. The advice I give in person or through emails is always free of charge. Blogging enables me to reach out to people all over the world.

My blogging topics will continue to be on finance. My mission is to connect with as many people as possible that needs help and advice to successfully manage their finances.

There is a big need for proper financial management many are stuck and I have the skills to guide them to find a way out.   The knowledge and training I have I enable to see opportunities, where those that are dealing with the financial crises are unable to see the other choices that are available to them.

Also I am planning to incorporate a life skill aspect to my blog because I realize that many life skill habits create poor financial choices. When proper life skills are learned and develop we are able to make better choices both in our financial and personal life.

If I am able to successfully blog throughout the next year, I hope to enlighten, educate and encourage others to successfully manage their finances and personal life.

2 thoughts on “The Reason I Choose To Blog Publicly

  1. I started blogging in 2010, I taught myself what I could by trial and error. When I saw the opportunity to join blogging 101 I did knowing I would learn how to do it better. I think this is a journey I will enjoy and learn from. I have already learned from just reading the emails from Michelle W. I bellieve this will be educational and fun.

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