In last week’s blog post, Lisa told her story. She spoke about the choices she made which enabled her to alter her financial situation.

Here are three decisions Lisa made which changed her financial circumstances.

Decision #1   She Asked For Help

Many times we are confronted with problems or situations in our lives where help is needed. At times, we hold ourselves back by not asking for advice.

I am frequently told the reason for not seeking assistance is the fear of what the person may think. This never is a good reason to prevent anyone from seeking guidance.

What did Lisa do right? She asked for help.

Lisa did not stop to consider whether I would judge her. She did not let fear take her opportunity for a better financial life away from her. She mustered up the courage, approached me, and asked for assistance.

This is all that has to be done. Never be too scared or secretive to seek advice. Especially when dealing with a situation you are not trained to manage.

Decision#2 Know What You Want

Lisa knew what she wanted. In her own words, she said. “I am overwhelmed with my financial situation. I want to pay off my credit card debts and take my family on a vacation.”

She gave me two clear and concise goals.

I asked her whether she was prepared to work towards those goals on a daily basis? Lisa agreed.

I became her Financial Planner or her navigational system. Our journey together began. Lisa met with me every Tuesday from 6pm to 8pm. This went on for one year.

As a Financial Planner, we are on the journey with you. It is our job to show you the gains and the pitfalls of your choices. She told me what she wanted and I showed her how to get it. We are an essential part of making sure you achieve the goals you set.

She knew she needed guidance, saw an opportunity and took it.   Today Lisa is reaping the benefits of seeking assistance.

Decision #3 Focus On Attaining You Goal

  • Hold your goals in the forefront of your mind.
  • Attend all the appointments you make.
  • Do the homework that is given.
  • Celebrate small successes.
  • If you meet a detour on your way, reroute but stay focused on your destination.
  • Let the important people in your life know what you are working on.
  • Talk to the children in the family about the goals.
  • Empower them with minor task.
  • Let them choose the vacation spot.
  • Have weekly family meetings about the goals.
  • Discuss what changes will be made once the goals have been achieved.
  • Where appropriate share with others the details of your journey.

Most of all re-visit your goals regularly. This should be done at the very least annually.

One thought on “ASK, KNOW AND FOCUS

  1. Tessa Marie, is truely an amazing woman of God, a woman who is seriously dedicated in assisting individuals reaching their financial goals!!

    I am very new on the journey of financial wisdom and Tessa has touched on cords of truth in my life regarding my spending habits, that have aspired me to see, reflect and knowledge the need to be a more assertive steward of my finances. I am looking forward to remain connected to and having Tessa Marie assist me on this journey.

    Thank you Tessa Marie.

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