When Riley and I began our journey with Tessa- Marie we were in dire need of help. Although neither of us was in any large debt we both had a dream of moving out and starting our lives together.

Unfortunately houses aren’t cheap and a down payment is required.

We both had bad spending habits that hindered our ability to gain any savings or any money security. If something went wrong and it was an expense we would end up in debt using a credit card to pay for whatever situation we were put in.

We started our journey with a limited budget and personally had doubted that Tessa-Marie could deliver on all of her promises.

Surprisingly we found that not only did we have money to save. We also could continue to live our lives. We could go out with friends, have an expensive dinner once in a while. Overall enjoy our weekly lives without a burden or constraint because we were saving money.

Tessa-Marie started working with us weekly. Her methods of saving money and her wise straight to the point teachings started to change our lives.

At first, it began with simply putting our money on paper and looking at our past expenditures. This forced us to look at the actual amounts of money we were spending.

This was a huge shock to both of us realizing that we were basically living pay cheque to pay cheque and spending most of our money on useless things that we no longer have.

After this, we both knew that we needed to listen to Tessa-Marie and follow her guidelines to achieve the life we both knew we wanted.

She asked us what we wanted most. We gave her a list of five things we wanted. We could see that she genuinely wanted to help us achieve these goals. Tessa-Marie then started to organize our money into different accounts each with a specific purpose to reach our goals while, still living our lives. After about a month we started to notice growth in our savings, while still having social lives. We truly began to believe in the system.

Then with a helpful nudge we realized that we could save more money and still enjoy life. So we needed to re-evaluate our spending and change our recent accounts.

After this, we had a solid plan that worked well and helped us save larger amounts.

Now it has been around 9 months and not only can we see our financial future but, we can clearly see how inflamed our bank account has come. Tessa-Marie doesn’t force you into saving, she simply helpfully guides you but, puts the responsibility on yourself or in our case us.

Truly Tessa-Marie has helped drastically change our lives for the better and we both are much happier in our lives and our future. Although she helps you reach your ultimate financial goal she does so much more than just save you money. She made us look at our lives and create goals. Figure out what we wanted out of life and overall make us realize we could do it together.

We both owe Tessa-Marie something more than you can give back because she gave us something you cannot put a price on, a happy and stress free financial future.

I hope Patrick’s and Riley’s experiences guide you to seek financial navigation to your own stress free financial future.

All the best


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