Negative Money noises are, words that speak of lack or not enough.

Here are some examples of negative money noise.

  • My parents and grandparents never had enough money.
  • They were poor
  • My father drank his entire paycheck every week.
  • Our family has always lived paycheck to paycheck.
  • My father never had a full-time job.
  • We were evicted from every apartment we ever lived in.
  • I am just like the rest of my family.
  • I will never own my own home.
  • I will always drive a beat up old car.
  • I can’t afford to go on a vacation.
  • I have no money.


Negative Money noise comes from thoughts and words of the people around you. It is very easy to accept the negative money noise of others as your own. Remember it is someone else’s thoughts and their words, not yours.

You may have heard negative money noise while you were growing up. This negative money noise came from your parents. Then as an adult you heard it from friends and co-workers.

Perhaps you are presently on the negative money noisy train. It might be part of your daily thoughts.  You hear it everyday over and over again. The negative money noise, train has only one destination, your thoughts. Do not board that train.


It affects your thoughts and behavior. It can be heard in your words. It affects your posture. It spreads to the look in your eye. Your face becomes marked with lines of your sad thoughts about your lack of money.

Now that negative money noise has entrenched itself in your entire body it begins to look for places outside of you to contaminate. Before long, you too are spreading the negative money noise wherever you go. You become a carrier of negative money noise.


Negative Money noise affects your money by preventing you from seeing the money you have.

You see your finances, as not enough to do the things you need in your life.

You become angry. You concentrate on the things you do not have. You begin to detest friends who are able to make purchases you are unable to make.

You hate your job or your employer, because you are not earning as much as you think you should earn.

You begin making poor money choices. You purchase what you cannot afford.

You only pay the minimum on your credit cards. You constantly make late payments. You do not return calls from your creditors.

You stay up late at nights worrying about all the money you owe. You become stress and you are unable to sleep. It now affects your health.


Remember there will always be negative money noisemakers.

When you hear a negative money noise you must take steps to change your environment. Stay away from people who make negative money noise. If you can, when it begins move away. Change the subject. Turn off the television or radio. Stop listening to negative money noise at all cost.


Take control of negative money noise by affirming what money you do have to be enough. Write the amount you have in a notebook. By doing this, you will have a feeling of accomplishment.

Acknowledge what you have been able to do with your money. Realize that you do have the means of earning more money. Apply for a better paying job. Cut back on some of your impulse or miscellaneous spending. Open a savings account with a purpose. Make your savings automatically.

Then take five minutes out of your busy day to work on some positive affirmations about your money. It can be a simple action, such as opening your wallet and confirm I have $10.00 today. Reassure yourself about having money, because you do.

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