The Girl Who Came Crying Because of Financial Fear And Left Crying with Financial Joy

The changes in this young lady came very quickly. So quickly that I asked her to share with others what happened to her at her very first meeting.

What occurred with her is evident that it is sometimes necessary to seek some help and advice if you feel you r finances are not where it should be. In finance, the saying that “you are too close to the forest to see the trees” is so true. This was her case.

During her first visit I immediately recognized her fear and took the time to explain that her finances are great and just needed some tweaking. She naturally had to come to grips with the knowledge that by owning her own home some changes in her habits would be necessary.

This young lady has done all the right things to enable her to have financial success in her future.

Here is part of her journey in her own words.

I was never one to think much of money. You either have it or you don’t. It’s there to buy useful or pretty things but not much else worthwhile until the day I bought a condo. My financial situation was thrown for a loop with the additional expenses and I felt lost trying to navigate through it. I wanted to see where my money was going and needed some direction so a friend passed along Tessa – Marie’s number.

I cannot put into words how nervous I felt before that first meeting. All my emotions building inside of me that when I finally tried to talk I burst into tears trying to explain how I had got to where I was. After speaking with Tessa-Marie I cried again, not with sadness but of hope. A hope I had not felt for a long time. She had validated my thoughts and feelings and didn’t put me down but instead showed me the possibilities. I had to laugh when after looking over my information she asked “why are you here?” as I had put so much pressure on myself. After I left that first meeting I was practically skipping down the sidewalk feeling as though I had begun to take ownership of my financial future and excited to put into practice the tools I had been given. She had told me at our next meeting I was the girl who came and left crying.

My peers had begun noticing a change in me excitedly talking about money and I was eager to pass along my favourite strategies such as making a list of all the foods I already owned then creating a grocery list before shopping to avoid duplicate or spontaneous purchases. Opening up several savings accounts, each for an intended purpose such as vacation and emergency funds added in small amounts monthly to ensure I literally had money in the bank if something should come up. I loved the idea of accountable spending with the thought before I spent any money that dollar would put me another dollar in debt and did I want that.

This new advice was like a window being opened and I was finally able to breathe in fresh air. You have to be ready and open to hear the advice someone is giving to be able to whole heartedly listen and take what you learn and put it into action. I am ready and looking forward to a positive financial future filled with only happy tears.






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