Why I Started My Morning Blessings:

This blog is not financial at all, as a matter of fact its as far away from financial as one can get.  I love sharing stories or situations that bring a smile to my face with others.

I began writing morning blessings, while thinking of my children during my morning reflections. I realized that at this stage of my life and that of my children there is very little that they need from me or I could give to them.  Once that thought entered my mind; the next step was, what is that little thing I can offer them.

Mussing away while sipping on my morning tea, I thought why not send them a morning greeting.

Without missing a beat, I picked up my cell phone and wrote to my daughters Gillian and Vanessa. I did not plan it nor gave any thought to what I would say to them. I just let it flow.  Here is my first morning greeting to my daughters.

Good morning my dear daughters, how are you today?  It’s another wonderful and amazing day, with some beautiful clouds.  Today I ask God to bless you with joy, peace of mind and sprit.  I bless you with an awesome and amazing day full of love respect and good health.  May all that you pray; hope and wish become a reality. Love, Mom.”

I wanted to send a greeting to my son, but then I thought he would dismiss it, calling it mom and her mumbo jumbo. So I kept on sending the greetings to the girls.

Mr. Fate worked his plan; one day, I accidentally sent the message to the girls on the family group. Within seconds, I got a reply from my son telling me “I am not one of your daughters.” Then my sister and niece text back. “What about us?” Okay I thought it’s very easy to include my sister and my niece.  My son was another matter. I left it alone.

I decided it would be best to personalized the blessings to each person making it special.

One morning I choose to put my toes in the waters to test my son’s reaction. I sent him a small generic note with not too much mumbo jumbo.  I knew he received and read it but he did not make any comments.  The following weeks I slowly but gingerly began dipping my entire self in the water. Still no replies or comments. Not a bite from the shark.

I continued sending the morning blessings to my family including my son.   I added my Goddaughter, two of my previous assistants, and two young ladies I mentor.  This brought the total to 10.

One morning after sending the blessings, I received the following text from my son.

“You know, what you are doing with these messages is setting a standard. NOW, the day you forget to send these messages, you are going to get yelled at! Fore warned is fair warned.”

When I read his message I began laughing hysterically, thinking great, I hit the jackpot.  He loves it. He loves getting those morning blessings.  That made my day.  I touched him where it mattered.  I shouted aloud “BINGO.”

I realized that I had I found a tiny way to continue to connect with those I love everyday in a different way.

Many times I am asked what do I do since I retired.  Well friends this is one of the many things I do.

There are hundreds of reasons why I love being retired. The top is the freedom to muse  and to put those musings in words.

Love you all, I mean it.



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