As a financial GPS, I am faced with all sorts of roadblocks in my effort to take you from where you are, to where you want to be.

My job is to ensure the journey is as easy as possible. The responsibility as your financial GPS is to make sure you will have some great experiences along the way and to help you remember and appreciate the journey.

Naturally, because of this commitment, I have to carefully plan your journey with the information you provide. Even with all the careful planning we find ourselves facing some major detours along the way.  This often means we have to re-route our original course, while still keeping our destination in focus.

I received a panicked phone call from Andrea. She had been on the home buying program for four years, she followed the plan and everything was going as expected. She purchased her pre-construction condo and was looking forward to moving in. Three months before her occupancy date she received a letter from the legal department of the builder telling her that occupancy date would be six months later than was first scheduled.

This is when I received the frantic phone call.

All I could understand at first was that now my condo is not going to be ready what should I do. I am ready to give my 60-day notice to my landlord and now this. This was her detour.

After a few moments of asking her to breathe and start again I realized she had not given notice to her landlord. Yes the letter was ready but not delivered. I asked her to read the letter from the lawyer. In the letter they were waving 6 months maintenance fee because of the delay. Andrea did not even notice this concession for the delay.  I now had to explain to her that she will not be paying the maintenance fee for 6 months after she moves in, and she now has six months to save money to decrease the amount she will be borrowing from the bank.

I informed her to notify her bank and her lawyer about the delay in the occupancy date.

This is my job as your GPS, when things change I am here to show you the other way or to guide you through stressful situations. Without her GPS, Andrea would have gone through unnecessary stress.

It is important to have someone knowledgeable on your side when making any large financial decision.

Now you know a little more about what I do.

Hope this help.

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